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About Us

About Us

Logistics and Equipments

DragonCatering.com uses the newest and most top of the line equipments to prepare your food. Our portable equipments allow us to cook our delicious food fresh, right alongside your event. You wouldn’t have to eat food that is prepared hours before your event and transported from a kitchen far from your event site if you do not wish to.

TrucksOur pots, woks, and pans are the best of the best, crème de la crème. They allow our wonderful chefs to prepare your delicious banquet meals to be even more perfect.

We transport our equipments via new Isuzu Food Service trucks, which allow us to transport both our equipments and food supplies safely to your event site.

To make reservation for your wedding event, please call: 800-530-5660
Also, send us your detail message by E-Mail to info@dragoncatering.com